MAGISSO Champagne Cooler - Black Terracotta

Cool in so many ways! The Magisso Champagne Cooler is made of naturally cooling black-colored terracotta. When you want to enjoy champagne at the perfect temperature, just soak the Magisso Champagne Cooler in cold water, then fill with ice and place the bottle into the cooler...

22designstudio 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock - Red

This 4th Dimension Clock design is intriguingly beautiful and considered. Each hour is represented by a triangular segment of concrete, tiered downwards to resemble a spiral staircase. The hands of the clock sit on the top tier and light and shadows change with time.

KARMAKAMET Room Diffuser - Jasmine

A top selling item. Made from Pure Aromatic Oils. Beautifully presented.Each diffuser lasts approx. 2-3 months. Recommended for smaller rooms, however also a very popular option for areas such as hallways or entrance rooms.

PLAYSAM Yo Yo - Natural

Long lasting classic wooden yoyo toy. Made of solid wood and painted in high lustre colours. The Yoyo are packed in a cute textile bag. A fun gift for someone with everything.

TIMO Trunks - Long Prep Aztec Paulie Grey

TIMO Aztec updates the tribal print for the digital age with a simplified colour palette and pixelated lines while maintaining the distinctive and bold form of the original. TIMO Trunks have been featured in publications such as Harpers Bazaar, ELLE, Wallpaper* Magazine, and also listed by MONOCLE as one of the top five small global brands to look out for in 2014.

PULL+PUSH PRODUCTS Cottage Incense Pot

Designed by Nobuhiro Sato in Kyoto Japan and individually crafted by hand, the exacting details that are put into all PULL+PUSH PRODUCTS has us in love with every single piece.

KARMAKAMET Pure Essential Oil Blend - Joy

'Joy' Blend is the signature scent of KARMAKAMET. A refreshing blend of Peppermint, English Lavender, Geranium and Cedar Wood.

WERKHAUS Photohocker (Stool) - Containers

Constructed from MDF - these cleverly designed 'Photo Stools' support weight of up to 150kg! A functional stool, or a fun side table, perhaps a plant stand. You choose. Huge selection of patterns now in stock.

TAXIDERMY Leather Card Holder Wallet - Gun Natural

A popular new collection by TAXIDERMY, available in Airplane, Camera and Gun designs in Black, Natural or Tan. Hand crafted in soft genuine leather with exposed stitching.

GOODJOB 2IN1 Presentation Set Professional - PVC Grey

Award winning product. Simple, stylish & useful design - perfect for presenting to clients outside of the office.Contains A4 Notepad, 10 Polypropylene Sheet Protectors, 3 ring mechanism for protection sheet refill, Business card pocket, pen loop + 1 zip pocket.

ESCAMA STUDIO - Chica Rosa Mini Clutch Silver

ESCAMA Studio is a social enterprise based in California and Brazil. Thier mission is to create innovative on-trend fashion accessories while promoting sustainable development through trade. The word 'Escama' means 'fish scales' in Portuguese.

AREAWARE Mini Cushion - Lion Red

Cushions or dolls, inspired by Victorian shaped pillows. Graphics based on the first mass produced images from 19th century illustrations. Designed by Ross Menuez for AREAWARE.

SEE SCOUT SLEEP Collar 1" Nice Grill - Cream Black

Stand out in the crowd. Just like your best friend. This simple and graphic pattern makes everyone look good! Classic black and cream can do no wrong.

SEE SCOUT SLEEP Collar 1" Out of my Box - Blue Rust

There is nothing wrong with being a little crazy. This Out of my Box pattern keeps them guessing. Rust and cornflower blue suites all complexions and personalities.

LONGBLACK Socks 3 Pairs - Red (Designed in New Zealand)

New colour release - Red! Longblack is no longer just a sophisticated hot drink, but a sophisticated addition to your sock drawer. Hot, sleek and sexy is taken to new heights with Longblacks latest imaginative range of business socks.

SENZ Original Umbrella '14 - Twisted Tweed

No more inside-out Umbrellas! - The senz° Original has been tested wind proof up to 100km/h. Also equipped with a UV protection of UPF 50+, to provide you the best possible protection during all seasons!

AREAWARE Distortion Candlestick - Red

A traditional candlestick form is distorted through a 3D rendering program, rapid prototyped, then cast. Designed by Paul Loebach, made from Resin & Marble. 10 inches in height.

KARMAKAMET Little India Incense Sticks - Moon Shadow

NEW ARRIVAL! Traditional Incense sticks rolled by hand and scented with pure, genuine aromatic essential oils. Moon Shadow is a blend of Vintage Amber, English Lavender and East Indian Sandalwood.

PIJAMA iPhone/Camera Case - Tartan Blue

Colorful soft cases, all the way from Milan. Range of patterns to suit your style, and match your outfit. For use with iPhone/iPod/Camera etc. iPad cases also available.

TAXIDERMY Square Wallet A - Metallic Gold

A seriously cool compact wallet that can carry cards, coins and cash. Fits perfectly in your pocket. A wide range of leather colours available, the only decision now is whether to match or contrast!?

TAXIDERMY Woven Leather Keyring - Red

A fairly chunky, genuine leather keyring with solid brass hook - designed to hang from your belt or pocket. Alternatively, we find that a decent sized keyring like these are easy to find when floating around in the bottom of a messy bag.

GILLES CAFFIER 'Crystals Pineapple'

A uniquely beautiful display object, and functional candle holder. Finished in ash kiln fired ceramic with Swarovski crystals embedded in. In some Chinese cultures, Pineapples are placed in the home to bring good wealth, luck, fortune. With its sparkling crystals, we think this makes a good modern representation.

TAXIDERMY Eco Card Holder - '2 Hearts' Black

The 'Eco' collection by TAXIDERMY is made from a unique combination of recycled leather, PVC Canvas & genuine leather. Perfect for a night on the town when all you need is a little cash and your Credit Card. 'Ace of Spades' design also available.

FARM The Warrior - Black (Limited Edition)

Inspired by his artwork of a small army of terracotta warriors, Justin Lee has created these statuettes from resin casts.

22designstudio Brass Earrings - Cylinder

22designstudio are typically known for their work with concrete. This time, they have re-invented the popular 'Cylinder' stud earring using stainless steel and brass - no concrete. We think it was a brilliant idea.

PLAYSAM Jetliner - Silver

Made of solid wood, Playsam's sleek Jetliner has earned the prestigious mark of Excellent Swedish Design. An original and exclusive baby, birthday or business gift, the Jetliner captures the imagination of old and young alike.

RESQ/CO Leash 'The Strong' - Navy

3-strand premium grade line/rope that features a five tuck hand spliced handle with secured ends. RESQ/CO do not merely melt the ends of the rope together or use a rope clamp to hold rope together. Each leash features a solid brass swivel quick snap that will withstand the elements and evade corrosion, a hand-stamped leather tag, and a solid brass key ring for holding waste bags, council tags, keys.

22designstudio Concrete Sketch Pencil

A unique & beautifully hand crafted Sketch Pencil in Concrete. Perfect for someone that has the skills, and may just want their equipment to be as cool as their drawings are.

GOODJOB Handbag Blossom XS - PU Orange

Unique & quietly dramatic 'Blossom' texture bursts some fun into your day! GOODJOB have won multiple awards for thier 'Blossom' range, including the DEmark Good Design Award. Available in Black, Grey, Orange, Red or Yellow PU material.

TOAST LIVING Casa Aroma Genie Diffuser - Pink

A modern way of 'burning' essential oils, simply add water and a few drops of your favorite scent, sit back and enjoy.