22designstudio Concrete Ring Size Guide

All sizes of the concrete rings by 22designstudio are based on US sizing. If you are unsure about what size may best suit you, please refer to the following guide.

CONCRETE RING UK Size Inside Circumference Inside Diameter Reference
US Size 549.30mm15.70mm51-54mm
US Size 651.90mm16.51mm54-57mm
US Size 754.40mm17.32mm57-60mm
US Size 857.00mm18.14mm60-62mm
US Size 959.50mm18.95mm62-64mm
US Size 1062.10mm19.76mm64-66mm
US Size 1164.60mm20.57mm66-68mm
US Size 1267.20mm21.39mm68–70mm

Or, you can wrap a piece of tape around the base of your finger VERY TIGHLY, and mark the tape where it overlaps. Compare the length of the section with the Reference column above.

Size in between?

If you are buying the ‘THIN’ series, then choose the smaller size. (Corner Thin, Seven Thin, Round Thin and Tube Thin.)

If you are buying from any other series, choose the larger size. (Rock, Corner, Seven, Round, Twist, Tatami, Module, Polygon, Tube, and Customised.)