Luke McCarthy


Timond Chu


Luke was born and raised in Auckland, and has been in customer service based roles throughout his career. This includes several years in management with a leading homeware and furniture retailer, some time spent in Real Estate sales, and a stint with a leading Australasian company that specializes in retail store fit-outs and merchandising.

Timond, originally from Hong Kong, started out with a strong interest in the Aviation industry. He qualified as a Commercial Pilot here in Auckland and began working in service and operations roles within the industry. His passion for aircraft and travel now takes him around the world to discover exciting new places, all whilst searching for new designers and creators for the store.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

the OBJECT ROOM was opened in 2011 by Luke McCarthy and Timond Chu, with the vision of bringing an original, unique offering of design items to the New Zealand market.

Constantly evolving, the store now offers a wide range of products for the home and for day to day use. All products are hand-chosen by Luke and Timond, often found and sourced direct from designers and manufacturers they have met with on overseas travels.

the OBJECT ROOM are the exclusive stockists in New Zealand for most of their key brands. This includes a somewhat eclectic but equally stylish mixture of aromatic products, design objects, bags and wallets, unique jewellery, stationery, gadgets and office accessories.

The product range is shipped from all over the world – from east to west. Products are chosen for their originality, design, and good quality craftsmanship more so than where they come from. The passion and involvement that Luke and Timond put into their store becomes all very clear when they are often able to talk personally about some of the designers and creators that they represent.

A store with huge international influences that still offers friendly, local service to its customers – customers that are constantly impressed by the quality of the products on offer and a selection that keeps them up to date and inspired.